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I’m SCARED when you aren't close
I’m T E R R I F I E D that one day you will vanish
I’m conscious about how S I M P L E it would be to h a t e me.
but because I don’t want you to worry.
I'll hide everything I N S I D E.
Aimi Katsumi
--{Independent Multiship OC blog}--



⊰ ♣ ⊱ — “Oh wow! That does seem to make me rather curious.

                          It was rather funny too since she was the only person this incident had happened to. Still that didn’t exactly restrict him from meeting with the female. Feeling that the hug was returned, an expression of joy was given to the female.

                                         ”I’ve been rather fine. Nothing bad has appeared, so I suppose it’s been rather relaxing. 

"It isn’t a bad thing, I"m just not sure whether I should think of you as an older brother figure, or an older sister figure-" 

Perhaps it would be best to just think of Baek in an elder sibling position- That would probably be the least confusing. Yeah, that could work-!! 

"It’d be nice if nothing bad ever appeared—" But that was probably impossible.

She reached up on her tippy-toes to pat his head softly. “Good work-” Because he did deserve praise~!

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"Maybe," he said with a slight tilt of his head. It sounded legitimate enough. "But you know I would never let anything like that happen to you," he continued with a smile. He was silent for a minute, then taking a deep breath before throwing caution to the wind, feeling his cheeks heat up. "You know, I meant what I said back there. When I said I love you."

She smiled, before making a small noises that showed she agreed. She trusted him, he’d never let anything bad happen to her! He was kind and protective, and always there to help when she really needed it, and sometimes even there when she didn’t. You’re lucky she can’t see your face right now, Tyler. A hand that was reaching inside her bag pauses when she responds. “Th-Thank you for caring about me—” It was nice to have someone caring about her. Though his love you was probably not the kind she wanted.

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⊰ ♣ ⊱ — “I’ve been quite well! Well, except I’m a male at the moment hehe. Again. 

                          He’ll figure it out later, right now was chatting with friends time. He had not seen her in such a long time, he was confident that he wouldn’t see her again, especially with all the moving he had done. Now being back within Daegu, he’s pleased to encounter her once more. A gentle hug was given, careful not to squish her with his strength.

                          “How about you Aimi? Are you doing well? Nobody’s bothering you right? 

"I feel like it’s timed so that everytime we meet, you’re a guy—" She’s just going to giggle softly, because honestly, it’s pretty strange.

She doesn’t mind, though because it doesn’t really change the person, just the appearance. It was nice to see him again- On that note, it probably meant she was back in South Korea, because that’s usually where she ran into him. She returned the hug, smiling softly and taking a step back afterwards.

 ”I’m good!! I have been doing well, and no, nobody’s been bothering me~ What about you??” 

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Don't be afraid sakurakissedmyheartaway!


⊰ ♣ ⊱ — He knew her well! He knew that face well! It had been so long since he had seen her though! The male who only appeared to look roughly about 20 squeaked happily.

                         A bright smile formed as he rushed over towards her. Who was the female? Well it was none other than; 

                                  “AIMI! Baek missed Aimi! Aimi Aimi Aimi! It’s me Baek! 

                           Don’t ask how he became a male again.

Aimi turned around, sure that she’d just heard someone say her name.. But that voice was definitely male, and she wasn’t sure who could—

Wait.. She listened closely to the voice before eyes widening in surprise at the sight of the male before her.


She smiled, offering a quiet embrace and smiling. “I haven’t seen you in forever!! How have you been??”

He’s like an older brother to her, of course she’s happy to see him again. Though she does wonder why they’re a male everytime Aimi meets them. Since normally she’s a girl.

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Yes, my apologies. I seem to be a little distracted today.

[By cute girls?]


I-It’s fine-! [Quiet smiling] [She doesn’t really mind] [It’s not like that’s going to completely change who he is]

Distracted..? [She’s kind of curious as to by what he is distracted by]

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🌠 "Please, please.. Make Muu-kun special.."

There is a crying person— Aimi must attempt to comfort.

"E-Everyone’s special in their own way-!!" Wow Aimi, that wasn’t generic at all.

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          BATTERY LOW


"A-Are you ok..?"

        The stranger looks exhausted..

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"What, they don’t trust me?" he teased, "I bring you back safe and sound every time we go out somewhere together, after all." Honestly, he wanted to bring it up again. He wanted to tell her that he loved her again, to make sure she knew exactly what he had meant. But he held his tongue. "Come on," he said, tugging her along with him and sitting down a few feet away.

"They do trust you, or they never would have let you take me out- Just.. In general.. I guess they think I’d wander off, or someone might target me..?" She was small, it wouldn’t be hard to kidnap her or to take something from her. She almost stumbled when he tugged her along, but she stopped herself, walking after him before reaching hands down to touch the ground before sitting on it. 

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kaotao inquired: * idk

—{ew my voice


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