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Move ⓒⓛⓞⓢⓔⓡ

Even ¢ℓσѕєя

You're more ιмρσятαηт that you'll ever know

So keep your head up and ѕмιℓє

Aimi Katsumi
--{Indie Multiship OC}--

txanshi inquired: Aimi. I love you.

”. . I love you too, Tyler~” She does. She does with her entire heart, and as long as he returns it, it won’t ever go away.



it's a good thing you never feared flames
because suddenly you're burning alive
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匿名 inquired: Hey Aimi, if Tyler could go back to his old life with his fiancee, would you want him to?

Tyler.. Had a fiancee? She’d never bothered prying into his life before, so there was no way for her to have known that, but learning it from a stranger wasn’t exactly.. Great. And it also made her remember that there had been people he had loved with and been happy with before her, who had probably been able to do a better job and making him smile.

What would she want him to do?

The answer was simple enough, wasn’t it?

"Whatever will make him happiest- I will always support him, no matter what, as long as I get to see him smiling, I think I’d be ok-"

A fiancee, huh- A big title to live up against. Aimi wondered what she must have been like, for it to get to the point where they were engaged. What would it have been like, if he had gotten married? Ahh..

Now she’s curious. But also impossibly afraid.



      “You’re welcome, Aimi. Oh, by the way, that was a compliment. Your cheeks are squishy, I like it. They kind of remind me of dumplings in a way— That’s a compliment too.” He grinned, poking her lightly in the cheek.

"Dumpling cheeks?" She giggled softly, turning to the side ever so slightly, shying away from his poke. It was more because she’d been a bit startled at his finger approaching her face, thinking he might accidentally poke her eye. "You just might win the prize for strangest compliment ever—"

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txanshi inquired: { looks up at Aimi from his seat on the ground and reaches up and makes gabby hands at her }

[giggles softly]

Yes~?? Do you need something~??

[looks down with a smile]

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A soft exhale was released, sigh floating in the wind. “I wonder how they’re doing lately..” She missed her old friends, but she was too nervous to talk to them after so long with no communication, so she’s really gloomy.